My name is Amanda and I’m a food loving, craft beer drinking, serial expat. After a semester abroad in Rome, I left the United States as soon as my degree from the University of Michigan was conferred to return to my beloved second home. As an au pair I didn’t have many extra euro, but I spent what I did have on the best cornetti, gelato, suppli, and pizza in the world. From there I spent two years teaching English (and eating massive amounts barbecued meat, kimchi, and rice) in Seoul, South Korea. After five months of roaming between bowls of curries and soups in Southeast Asia, I settled down in London for a year. I completed a Master of Arts in Digital Journalism and made it my personal mission to prove that English food doesn’t suck. I’ve spent the past couple of years back in the US, but recently realized that I’m not done exploring quite yet.



I ran a travel blog called Farsickness for many years, but as I set out on my next adventure I want to focus on what is most important to me: food. Food isn’t just a great way to get to know a new place, it’s also a way to community through cultural or linguistic barriers. Food brings happiness and cheer. On Edible Explorations you’ll find restaurant reviews, culinary history and stories, food tour or cooking class recaps, and a healthy dose of the best beer, wine, and spirits I find on my travels.

Happy traveling and cin-cin! 


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