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Where to Eat in Rome: Your Guide to Eating in the Eternal City

When I booked my trip to Rome my friends and family kept asking, “What are you going to do for four days, alone, in a city where you used to live?” To that I responded: […]

The Ultimate Guide to Food in Jordan

I fell hard in Jordan. For the culture and history and stunning scenery, yes. But mostly, I fell in love with the food. As someone who grew up in Metro Detroit, an area home to […]

Craft Beer Rising: A London Celebration of Craft Beer

Note: This was originally published in 2014. The celebration continues but this review is a few years old! Is there anything more perfect than a weekend celebrating the ever evolving world of craft beer? If […]

Travel Dining Myths Busted (And How to Eat Well While Traveling)

While sitting in a restaurant in Poland that had to be the pierogi serving equivalent of TGIFriday’s in the States, I got to thinking about how to eat well while traveling. I do quite a […]