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Berlin Bites: Where to Eat in the German Capital

I came to Berlin ready to eat. Friends had told me about delicious Vietnamese food and Berlin is home to one of my favorite fast food items. Luckily, as a I checked off places on […]

The Best Bites in Budapest

In between admiring the beauty of Budapest, throwing back palinka shots at ruin bars, and recovering in the thermal baths, I found time to do a fair bit of eating. Like Polish food, Hungarian cuisine […]

Palermo Food Tour:  Discovering Italy’s Street Food Capital with Streaty

When I’m traveling solo I’m not really a tour person. I like to wander slowly and stop often to take photos. Or for a coffee (or beer) break. This isn’t really conducive to the fast […]

Devouring Italy’s Culinary Capital: Where to Eat in Bologna

Bologna is often considered the culinary capital of Italy. A fact which gave me pretty high expectations for eating. I had big plans to get out of Bologna and into Parma and Modena to explore […]

Where to Eat in Rome: Your Guide to Eating in the Eternal City

When I booked my trip to Rome my friends and family kept asking, “What are you going to do for four days, alone, in a city where you used to live?” To that I responded: […]

The Ultimate Guide to Food in Jordan

I fell hard in Jordan. For the culture and history and stunning scenery, yes. But mostly, I fell in love with the food. As someone who grew up in Metro Detroit, an area home to […]

Eating the East End: A London Food Tour

When I announced I was moving to London, everyone I talked to was extremely enthusiastic. They were planning their trips and talking about their favorite places to shop and what free museum is the best. […]

Travel Dining Myths Busted (And How to Eat Well While Traveling)

While sitting in a restaurant in Poland that had to be the pierogi serving equivalent of TGIFriday’s in the States, I got to thinking about how to eat well while traveling. I do quite a […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Food in Malaysia

Food in Malaysia is amazing, but you might know it as it seems to get overshadowed by its nearby neighbors of Vietnam and Thailand. Sometimes though, not knowing anything about a country’s food is a […]

History Through Food: A Food Tour of Manila’s Chinatown

When Old Manila Walks tour leader Ivan said that the day’s tour would be a history lesson through food, I knew I was in the right place. I’m a bit of a history nerd (it’s […]